A year has passed, and God continues to demonstrate and attest who is HIS Anointed

A year has passed, and God continues to demonstrate and attest who is HIS Anointed
(Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle).- On Wednesday, March 2, before daybreak, the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, offered his morning prayer to the Creator to ask of his blessing in favor of all HIS People.

It was 4:24 a.m. when the Apostle of the Lord stepped into the House of Prayer, joined by seven pastors and a large group of ministers. As he made his way, he greeted all the Brethren of the Beautiful Province and other churches in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara who has come to see him this morning.

While the Apostle of Jesus Christ prayed to the Creator, along with the Ministerial Corps, the local choir sang “What Greatest Love”, Sweet Hour of Prayer” and “As Clay in Your Hands”. Faintly, the words of other pleas could be heard: one Brother prayed for the Servant of God, saying “Bless him, Heavenly Father”; another exposed a personal necessity before the Lord; yet another thanked the Lord for this sublime opportunity to join the prayer of the righteous. In that very moment, the Choir was singing the words “sweet hour prayer, thy wings shall my petition bear, [to the excellent throne of kindness, to God that mercifully listens]”.

The beautiful garden of prayer


At 4:34 in the morning, after concluding his prayer, Apostle Naason egress ed his prayer chamber, and amidst the jubilant voices that glorified the Creator, he headed toward the door of his home. There he conversed with the ministers. “How lovely to feel, and even more so, to know that we are children of God”. He pointed that it is sad when a misses the opportunity to speak with God in prayer, a sublime act that common men cannot accomplish, though they may beseech HIM.

He emphasized that those who have not experienced this lovely blessing will ask “why do you weep?” The unwavering answer says “because we are feeling God’s blessing”.

In his conversation he highlighted the importance of prayer, because since Apostle Aarón Joaquin’s time, he taught that the 5 in the morning prayer had an aggregate value, since it represented a greater sacrifice. At this time, Brethren leave behind their bed and forego their sleep to head to the House of Prayer and offer true worship to God.
He added that “there are prayers of petition, of necessity, of rejoicing, prayers for the Ministers, for the Apostle of God… and, how lovely, in this New Era we conclude our final prayer of the day worshipping God”.

The Apostle of the Lord shared a testimony of the Brothers who are often in all the daily services, a righteous deed for which some might ask “does it not bore them?” To which he replied: “It is completely the opposite for those who experienced and felt God in each of their prayers. If there are only five minutes before prayer starts, Brothers and Sisters rush because they want to be there from the start”.

Emphatically, he clarified that though God brings rain over the just and unjust, the just have someone to pray to, and have someone to shelter them. He cited Brother Leandro Ramirez, P.P., as an example, whom has not merely taken ill, but has more than once been on the brink of death and God has delivered him through prayer.

“In the same manner, each of us, in our needs, trials and temptations, we come to the garden of prayer and we delight and relieve [our burden]. And when things go well for us, we must not forget that the garden is also there to come and show our gratitude and say ‘Thank you, Lord, for YOU have given me all things. YOU have given me peace, faith, love, health… not just my daily bread, but so much more’….”

He also mentioned that he had instructed the Church on how to worship God as our first principle and our sole benefactor, because only HE benefits and provides for us all that we need to live, hence we should remain ever grateful to HIM.

The Church of Jesus Christ is unique

Later, E.P. Jose Hernandez, shared a testimony of an Italian couple that came to the International Baptismal Ceremony while on vacation in Mexico, in the Plaza de la República (Republic Square) in Mexico City on February 14. There they spoke with Brother Michelle Cavallini, a venetian, who invited them to visit Guadalajara in their own language, specifically he invited them to Beautiful Province. On March 1, the couple visited our community.

Brother Jose commented that these visitors marveled in all that they witnessed and arranged to see Brother Michelle in Mexico City again and continue their conversation on the Gospel before they return to Italy.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ then said that all those who were baptized on February 14, and those who were invited to Church and continue visiting, are not the product of coincidence. They are all souls of God, for whom the Lord is providing the means to know HIS truth, because they are God’s souls, he emphasized.

Furthermore, he pointed that it is necessary for the Church to show herself to the word in that manner to the world. “The world needs to know who the Church is. We know it, but society needed to become aware. All the souls that saw that manifestation kept this seed in their heart, because they observed gladness, joy, peace, utmost respect; they saw all of this, which they cannot find in their services”.

Later, he pointed out that the violent, aggressive and threatening [people] imagined that the Church was going to stage a protest against the Catholic leaders visit [to Mexico]; but when they noticed the solemnity of the grand event, they were able to confirm the enormous difference between the origins and purposes of each creed.

In another instance, he commented on the sociological analysis of those who seek to evaluate prosperity and consolidar of the Church of the Lord, suggesting that this growth is due to our attire, baptisms or the mysticism of our songs in the absence of instrumental accompaniment; since these characteristics are cohesive, so they say, to the Church’s identity and projection. “And they make sense, because they cannot see that there is but a single ingrediente behind it all: faith. But the true faith of God, because this Church is God’s. Those who have this faith produce works, deeds, obedience, adherence, recognition, love and acceptance”.


Finally, he mentioned that some religious [people] inquire “what does Brother Naason give them so they preach?” Which he answered emphatically: “it is not I. God has been the one who has produced both to want and to do, by HIS good will”. He noted that many visitors, when the see him step out, greet him with tears and great respect. How can this be? Because there is an acknowledgement in their hearts, otherwise they would not act in that manner. This demonstrates that God is doing HIS work within their hearts”.

For those who question “why did it have to be a son of Apostle Samuel Joaquin to continue spearheading the Church? Why specifically Brother Naason Joaquin?” The answer is not hard to find. “It is not up to us to chose, set aside or select. It is up to God. A year has gone by, and the Lord continues to demonstrate and attest who HIS Anointed is”.

“This year, for those who believe has been of rejoicing, for those who don’t (like Ananias, whose own logic could not accept Saul of Tarsus’ Apostolic Election), God has answered ‘he is a chosen vessel unto ME’. It is evident that it was not by a personal whim. There were some who were against Moses, and the Lord rebuked saying ’wherefore then we’re ye not afraid to speak to speak against my Servant?” And HE sent forth leprosy upon them. That is why I say to [those who don’t believe]: do not believe me solely for my word, believe the works”.

Thus, at 5:04 on that beautiful morning of blessing, the Apostle of Jesus Christ parted with his assistants with his apostolic blessing.


Source: Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle