God leads us from triumph to triumph: not for our vainglory, but to ascribe all glory to HIM

God leads us from triumph to triumph: not for our vainglory, but to ascribe all glory to HIM

(Liaison of Apostolic Chronicle).- On Tuesday March 1, at 4:26 a.m., the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naason Joaquin Garcia, headed to the Beautiful Province temple to offer his morning prayer.

Hundreds of Brothers and Sisters awaited him at the courts and adjacent streets in order to join him during his prayer to the Creator. Among them, the students of the Language Academy stood out. Clad in impeccable uniforms, the language students, waving the flags of China, Russia, Germany and Italy, nations whose languages they have been learning. They formed a walkway for him, leading up to the entrance of the temple, standing on either side of the way. These young men and women, who will soon be sent to the Labor of the Lord, sang “As Clay in Your Hands” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” in their new languages.

When the Servant of God entered the temple to make his plea before the Creator, the Church joined him as a singe man for a fervent prayer to God. The Beautiful Province Choir sang “Close to You” and “I Come to the Garden Alone”, to accentuate the moment.

When the Apostle of the Lord came of out from his prayer room, he paused a moment to greet the Choir Brethren, and all those who were within the temple, his face gleaming with profound happiness.

Men and women, children, youth, adults and elderly, gazed at the Apostle of the Jesus Christ  as he descended the stairs. With tears rolling down their cheeks, they would say “we love you, Apostle of the Lord”, “may God bless you and keep you”.

As a their father in faith, answered in kind, “God bless you, Brethren. May God repay you for keeping me company. I, too, love you in Christ Jesus.”

When he reached the door of his home, he spoke with the ministers that had joined him. “A year has passed since the Apostolic Manifestation, and the spiritual morale of the Church is ever strong. What can I say about the children, fifteen and sixteen year-olds! They are a generation that is bringing all their strength and coverage to join the spiritual labor”, he said.

He recalled the importance of the fact that the Church had stepped out into the streets, and make herself known during the International Baptismal Ceremony. “Our community was a witness of the convening power if the Church worldwide. True, the most beautiful aspect, to us, was the spirituality [of the event], but that which is approaching for the Church will be transcending. That is why it was necessary to step out into public squares so that society could see us and meet us.

Furthermore, society was witness to a worship service to the True God (John 4:24), celebrated in peace, with the utmost respect and utmost reverence, since it was a religious event. As the Church always celebrates its events, be they cultural, social or academic, always in an orderly fashion, now thousands of people were able to observe the manner in which we celebrated our public services, which they did not previously know and had never seen. This is no presumption, for it comes from God.”

He recalled the media campaign of 1997, which attempted to vilify, unsuccessfully, Apostle Samuel Joaquin and the Church of the Lord with slander. In those days, far from obtaining the objectives of the anonymous attackers, the Church was strengthened even more regarding the Apostolic Election, and our Brethren who had abandoned the Church returned to God’s sheepfold.

Faced with this “negative publicity”, false and tendentious, thousands of people sought the Church out of curiosity and many converted when they learned of the Apostle of Jesus Christ, of his works; when they observed his transparency, honesty and purity of doctrine with which he led the Church of the Lord. Completely the opposite of the groundless claims. Now they are our Brethren in Christ!

He noted that some media networks, academic and religious researchers, are closely following thr Church of the Lord because it continues matching, it continues to advance… Everyone will state their own opinion, but through it they lead the reflective thinker to us. Notwithstanding, that is when we will show the world, with out actions, who the Church of the Lord is.

Some of their works will speak ill of us? No doubt. They’ve always done this. Nevertheless, this does not deter us. He remembered that an elderly brother, who had lived in the times of Apostle Aaron Joaquin, recalled that people once mocked the Brethren, calling them “hallelujahs”. “What is an hallelujah? It is glory to God. So if they called us hallelujah, we felt proud,” the elderly Brother said.

“We are hallelujahs! Because we are the ones who give glories to God”, the Apostle of the Lord added.

He concluded his conversation with the following reflection: “God leads us from one triumph to the next, not for our vainglory, but to always give HIM the glory, and the Church has found a way to give HIM that glory through their work. Our triumphs and our victories are founded in God’s help. HE leads us from triumph to triumph, not the failures of others. May God bless you, Brethren”.

Source: Liason of Apostolic Chronicle